Here's a special gift for booked wedding clients! If you're looking for help planning, budgeting and organizing your wedding, Lemonade Photography's new Wedding Planning Kit is just what you'll need. Download the linked PDF document and you'll receive:

* A 1-year wedding planner, with a month-by-month checklist for your most important wedding tasks. 
* A budget worksheet to help you plan for and keep track of your wedding-related expenditures. The total fields at the bottom will calculate automatically, because who needs calculators?
* A vendor contact list to keep track of contact names, emails, balances and due dates in one handy spot. 
* A shot list to start thinking about what photos are most important to you on your wedding day. 
* A timeline template to help put together your wedding-day schedule. There are two copies of this - one is filled in with a sample timeline based on a 12-hour wedding day and 8-hour photography schedule. The other is blank. 

Ready to download your Wedding Planning Kit? Get it by clicking the link below. This link will take you to Google Drive, where you can download a ZIP file with all the PDFs.

Wedding Planning Kit