Featured Wedding: Irene & Grace

I've been a photographer in Kitsap County for 14 years, and there's one place I go back to over and over again: Manchester State Park. It's my favorite publicly-accessible spot for photographing couples, families, seniors, babies, anything you can think of. Beautiful old-growth forests, water views, cool old brick and concrete buildings, amazing color year-round - there's a background for every type of session and it's always one of the first places I suggest for local clients. 

But somehow, in all those years, I'd never shot a wedding at my favorite place - until now. 

Irene and Grace booked the lovely old Torpedo Warehouse at Manchester and invited their family and friends to help them celebrate their union on a gorgeous fall day. With the sun beating down, a breeze coming in from Rich Passage and vivid fall leaves crunching on the ground, their wedding day was pretty much perfect. 

They decorated the old historic warehouse with deep-hued fall flowers, handmade signs and centerpieces and - my favorite part of all - vintage teacups instead of place cards at every seat. Each cup was carefully sourced from a local second-hand stores labelled with the guest's name and doubled as a favor to take home. I'm using mine for coffee to get me through late-night editing sessions. 

The guests made good use of both the indoor and outdoor space at the park and took advantage of games set up on the lawn. 

Irene and Grace got ready together offsite, and met up with me before the ceremony for their couples portraits. Due to time constraints, we only had a brief amount of time for their photos. We made the best of the short session by sticking to the beautiful little patch of forest right behind the Torpedo Warehouse, eliminating the need to spend much time walking between photo spots. I usually like to use several different onsite locations for a variety of backgrounds in couples portraits, but the amazing light and lush trees along this one little path gave me so much to work with. Irene and Grace absolutely glowed, and their love and support for each other shines through in every image. 

The couple walked into their ceremony together with Grace's dad, and exchanged vows and rings in front of the beautiful old fireplace filled with flickering flameless candles. Once again, I noticed their mutual support - when Grace got emotional while reading vows, Irene reached across with a steadying hand. Grace returned the gesture a few minutes later. 

The reception kicked off with family & group portraits, a fantastic dinner from Crescent Moon Catering, a sweet first dance for Irene and Grace, pie cutting, more tea and dancing, mingling and games for the guests.